Dining fumesFood fume purification

Fume purifier series

欢乐生肖游戏Fume purifier for hotels, restaurants, airports, schools, canteens in addition to smoke in addition to taste; purification efficiency of up to 96%.

Waste gas treatmentEfficient waste gas treatment

Plasma purifier series

欢乐生肖游戏Applicable to chemical, paint, printing, paint, plastic, garbage transfer station and other toxic and harmful pollutants gas, odor gas purification...

Oil mist purificationEfficient Oil mist purification

Oil mist purifier series

Applicable to CNC machining centers, grinding machines, drilling and milling machines, lathes and other types of machine tools; oil mist purification efficiency of up to 95%...

欢乐生肖游戏Welding flue gasWelding waste gas treatment

Dust smoke purifier series

Efficient handling of the gas and dust generated during the welding process, the filtration effect of up to 99%, filtered air can be directly indoor discharge...

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